OCT. 5-6, 2019



What it is...

and how to get it.

“The primary thing when you take a sword in your hands is your intention to cut the enemy, whatever the means..."


➤ Miyamoto Musashi, "A Book of Five Rings"

Hey, LtCol Al here,


Heads up!


I’m going to be in Los Angeles, CA from October 5th to 6th 2019 at the House of Champions conducting a new seminar we’ve developed called “Ruthless Intent.” This is something that we discuss in Guided Chaos circles but have only now decided to teach to a wider audience.


This is the first seminar we’ve done of this type and I’m really excited about the program we’ve put together (more to follow on that in subsequent postings and mailings).


You know, people are always asking me:

They want to understand what is "Ruthless Intent," where does it comes from, but most importantly--how do I get it?


The first time I ever even heard of such a thing was one time training with Grandmaster Perkins. He and I were working out under the "learning tree" in Nyack, NY near our old school. He just moved in on me, cutting through my strikes like nothing and striking me in the head at the same time, with just one hand.


Now, I had felt this before training with the other Guided Chaos Grandmaster, Tim Carron, so I began asking him over time how it is, when he and Grandmaster Carron just want things to work, they are able to just cut through what people are doing even if they are prepared for it. 


You see, I don’t care who you are, the first time you feel it, it shocks you to the core because it just makes no sense. The effortlessness of the movement, the lack of winding up or preparatory movement...the fluidity...it all just seems to happen at once.

Everybody’s got a plan until they get hit in the face.


➤ Mike Tyson

You see it--but you can’t get out of the way. You try to stop it--but it is futile.


You can’t even really judge it because it doesn’t look any different than any other strike they are throwing, so as far as you’re concerned you’re doing all that you can to deal with it.


Until you get hit.


Ruthless Intent is just that: the ability to be able to summon the necessary ruthlessness, with the “confidence” to become as ruthless as a potential attacker. The ability to summon the moral will to strike with impunity, without fear, without thought. To do what must be done when you need to do it!


This is a facet of the art of Guided Chaos that “very few get to learn” because it is something that can only be experienced and not just discussed, read about, or watched on a DVD.


It must be felt.

Ruthless Intent is that skill that gives you that gravitas which, for those who have attended our previous seminars, have felt from the Guided Chaos Instructors. This is because we have developed the skill of being able to apply Ruthless Intent at will.


  • That ability to strike with bone crushing force.
  • The ability to strike a person where they feel as if they are being cut in half.
  • The ability to penetrate a person’s body in a way where it stops them in their tracks with seemingly little to no effort.


This is not mystical BS or fantasy martial arts mumbo jumbo, but a real skill rooted in physics and how the body moves under dynamic conditions. It's totally learnable--but only through a specific and progressive methodology. 


As I said previously, while many aspects of Guided Chaos (such as the exercises and certain striking techniques) can be trained from our DVDs and our books, there’s nothing like experiencing it first-hand.


Well, Ruthless Intent is definitely one of those skills.  


Folks, you really want to get to this seminar in LA. However, I’m going to be up front here: this is a serious seminar for serious minded people who want to learn how to develop this skill to stand in that space to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones. To have the confidence of knowing that at the end of the day that they can bring it.

At the end of these two days you will move and strike in ways you never thought possible and you will definitely be able to “bring it!”


If you grew up in the 1970’s like I did then you are familiar with Kung Fu Theater that used to air every Friday and Saturday. I can tell you I still remember the “Five deadly Venoms,” “The Master Killer” and of course all of the Bruce Lee movies. But I have to tell you, nothing captured the imagination more than seeing the hero of the movie being able to strike with a level of power and move with a level of reckless abandon that made him seem invincible.


Now, as I got older and experienced in the martial arts, while it’s almost a blur to me now, I realize looking back that I hadn’t forgotten the desire for attaining the level of striking power that rivals the legendary tales of the old warriors as portrayed in the movies.


After being introduced to Guided Chaos by a mutual friend and experiencing this way of striking first hand, I was hooked. Not because it was just some cool skill (though it is) but because it’s a real thing that is accessible for anyone willing to learn it. Willing to dispel disbelief--not their common sense--just disbelief.


Friends, this is one of the most sought-after and advanced martial concepts that few practitioners (if any) ever get to learn.


No mysticism, no magic, no nonsense--everything is based 100% on physics and human physiology. In this seminar there are no secrets and I hold nothing back.


Let’s face it life is short… for most of us, too short...and the one thing you don’t get back is TIME.

Every moment of every day you’re burning time off of your existence so how you use your time is up to you:

  • If you had to protect yourself or your loved ones, how good would you want to be?
  • How effective would you want to be able to strike?
  • How quickly would you want to end it?


This is what I’m talking about!


What makes these things possible is the "exquisite movement" you develop... turning your body into an exquisitely tuned martial instrument. Along with developing the proper mindset, not one rooted in irrational fear but one that has been re-patterned for action!


As a martial artist your body is your weapon, and more than any particular style or technique, using your body well is what makes all the difference. But if you are to get there from here you must also develop the moral will, the perfect clarity to do what must be done and strike like lightning.




Standing in “that Space”: The Ruthless Mindset

Loose Striking

Internal Drop Striking

Multiple Drop Striking

Striking from Any Direction with Power

Close in Striking

Tool Destruction

Ruthless Striking

Striking from the Void


Now, imagine all these things within your reach right now!


  • Maybe you once studied a martial art and for whatever reason discontinued and are looking for something that is less demanding on the body or to build on your already impressive array of skills?
  • Maybe you’re a person who always wanted to study a martial art but for various reasons was unable to participate?
  • Maybe you're just looking for something that makes sense or just want to move better while giving you the confidence that you can protect yourself?




Right now, you are sort of standing at the crossroads. I know because I was once there too. 


You have a choice and like Neo in the movie “The Matrix” you have a simple choice:


You can take the “BLUE PILL” and go back to sleep, doing whatever the Hell it is you’re doing in your life right now and forever wonder to yourself, What if? If Only I had…?


Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve…




You can take the “RED PILL” and make the bold move for yourself, your family and take the leap of faith that, I promise you, you will not regret and find out just how deep the Rabbit Hole goes.


Trust me: the hole is deep, the learning is endless, the experience is life changing.


What do you want to do?

  • "If Guided Chaos is a crowning achievement of a thousand years of martial arts development, [the Combative Movement seminar Training] is one of the jewels in that crown..."​


    "...a fundamental breakdown of what you need in order to save your life or the lives of those you love if violence ever shows up...a paint-by-numbers approach to gaining immense control over your own body and awareness and harness your innate martial ability. The teaching is masterfully delivered with simple explanations and demonstrations along with exercises to drive home the learning. If you’re even slightly interested in studying martial arts this is the greatest gift you could give yourself. And if you’re already a martial artist, this training will likely improve any and all of the skills you’ve already mastered."


    Devon White, CEO of Field: Brain and Performance Optimization Club / Elite Executive and Personal Performance Coach and Consultant​; 2017 Immersion Seminar participant

  • "As a law enforcement officer and former student of several martial arts styles I can say...this was a no BS course...[these] methods will greatly increase your odds." 


    Sgt. John DiBlasi, NY; 2017 Immersion Seminar participant

  •  "I felt for the first time in my 44 years that someone had finally told me the truth about fighting, and nothing but the truth."

    "When I left their seminar I felt for the first time in my 44 years that someone had finally told me the truth about fighting, and nothing but the truth...At the very least, your existing skills will be honed. If you're willing, you'll be stripped of many bad habits and misconceptions. And if you're really paying attention, you will witness truth in action."


    Kenneth Busto, Hawaii, life-long martial artist, 2017 Immersion Seminar participant

The only question now is:

What do you want to do?


► Be the martial artist you are truly capable of becoming at the October 5-6 RUTHLESS INTENT SEMINAR in Los Angeles!


Hosted at:




17228 Saticoy St

Van Nuys, CA 91406

(818) 996-7180

10am-4pm with short break for lunch.
Private lessons by the hour also available after the seminar.






$300 for both days


$25/day discount for Law Enforcement/Military personnel (active or retired) with ID.

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WARNING: The information in these seminars is extremely dangerous and is not intended for sport, play or competition but for the sole purpose of protecting yourself in an unprovoked attack on your life.


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