Balance is USELESS unless it's DYNAMIC...

...So How Do I Get It?

In order to develop balance for combat you have to constantly challenge your body's equilibrium in a varied and free-form manner. "Static" balance just won't cut it when the spit hits the fan. Nothing does this better than a Guided Chaos Balance Board. Combined with unique Guided Chaos drills that build the 5 Principles of Balance, Body Unity, Looseness, Sensitivity and Freedom of Action, your Combat Balance Board Video will explode your ability to be both Unavailable and Unavoidable™ in an unprovoked attack on your life or your loved ones'.


"It was incredible how soon I felt results from the exercises..."

"I thought I had perfect balance with no room for improvement until I started the Combat Balance Board exercises. The Guided Chaos Balance Board proved me wrong and I am glad it did. It was incredible how soon I felt results from the exercises. Now I even include standing on the balance board for firearms training. Thank you Guided Chaos for another excellent product."

Roderick Van-Zeller, Protection Professional

From the desk of Guided Chaos Senior Master,

Lt Col Al Ridenhour USMC (retired):



Throughout my martial arts training and military career, I’ve seen a number of demonstrations of extreme hitting power and supernatural balance. I’m sure you have too. Heck--YouTube is full of them.


Now I’m sure you’ve always wondered how some martial artists seem to possess almost super-human striking power. And you’ve probably always thought to yourself, “How is this done and how do I develop this?”.


Now, you can spend a lot of time striking Makiwara Boards, doing knuckle pushups, striking heavy bags etc. and generally this is the kind of thing that folks are told to do to develop their hitting power. I know because that’s what I was told and I know I’m not alone, but at the end of the day, the most important aspect of being able to strike with devastating power is to develop your balance.


 “Punchers Are Made, Not Born”

-Jack Dempsey


The late great boxer Jack Dempsey was known to possess legendary knock-out power. One thing he understood was that not only are great punchers “made” but that the key to great punching power is exceptional balance. 


Guided Chaos trains you through a unique number of exercises to develop your Balance and Body Unity as well as trains you to use your natural Sensitivity to guide your strikes while simultaneously adapting your body to become unavailable to their strikes, moment-by-moment, to whatever attack the enemy throws while your strikes become unavoidable for them, making anyone who trains in our methodology a more lethal and effective striker.


This is why the ability to Improvise and Adapt through the development of your balance is critical.


Now if you go to most martial arts schools or physical training programs, they will tell you that it takes “months” even “years” to develop the type of hyper-balance where your legs feel like oak trees.




I have to tell you this type of thinking not only pisses me off but is false on so many levels I don’t even know where to begin. It’s not only wrong but closes off people’s minds towards attaining the knowledge that will allow them to develop their martial skills to the highest levels possible.


My question is, why would anyone who teaches the martial arts want to deny this to people?


Guided Chaos has the solution!


Over the years I’ve seen a lot of different training devices that all purport to develop your balance and virtually all have failed. Either they weren’t challenging enough or just poorly designed and would more likely cause more harm to the user than good.


Like various “push up” exercise devices revolutionized how people developed tremendous upper body strength using their natural body weight, Guided Chaos has developed the ultimate balance training aid and regimen that can shave years off of your training time, giving you the type of balance that people study for 20 or more years to develop in a matter of weeks.




With the Guided Chaos COMBAT BALANCE BOARD and VIDEO (DVD or On Demand Dowload), you get an entire series of drills completely different and more intensive than those on our previous DVDs.


The GUIDED CHAOS COMBAT BALANCE BOARD™, designed by Grandmaster John Perkins (creator of Guided Chaos) is a hand-crafted training device designed for serious balance training and martial development. It is made of sturdy materials and stamped with the Official Guided Chaos Logo and signed by the Grandmaster himself.


The training video shows you how to supercharge your dynamic balance (as opposed to static or choreographed balance).


This training video is specifically tailored to maximize results towards the development of hitting and crushing power, while also developing the type of balance which is critical to effective Dropping.


In addition, the COMBAT BALANCE BOARD also develops a high degree of coordination by teaching you how to remain free in your movement to neutralize an attacker’s power.

"Your system of using the Dropping Energy on striking has tripled the power of my strikes...what a difference, it is hard to believe, even as I am doing it, how well your system works."

 Roderick, Close Quarters Combat Instructor & Risk Assessment Consultant, Los Angeles

Now, You Can:


1. Get the Video
2. Get the Board


​► NOTE: Your Balance Board will arrive in a separate package.

This 18" long Balance Board is easy to pack and carry so it's always available for use at home, at work or on vacation. 

► Our GC Balance Board provides 2 levels of difficulty: Moderate and Advanced.

Flip it over and your balance challenge increases!

Comes with the Guided Chaos logo branded into the board, PLUS each Balance Board is hand-signed by Grandmaster John Perkins!

The Combat Balance Board Training Video is the perfect stand-alone SOLO (or partner) training tool for supercharging all 5 Guided Chaos principles...or use in conjunction with the Combat Conditioning Video to maximize any serious student's fighting arts development.




► Learning the knowledge of striking with balance that goes well beyond physical ability.


► Being able to hit with bone crushing force from any position yet remain both solidly balanced and mobile.


► Becoming invisible as a ghost to the attacker's strikes as you move at lightning speed to elude and simultaneously counter-attack, all while maintaining your body's equilibrium.


► Ensuring that your training always produces the results and outcomes you intend.


► Learning how to turn your body into a weapon and transcend any particular style or technique.


Using your body well is the difference that makes all your skills work for real.



It's up to you…

Just make the decision to invest in yourself now. 

Be the martial artist you are truly capable of becoming...and stun everyone, including yourself, at how different, effective and effortless your movement will be by training with the COMBAT BALANCE BOARD TRAINING DVD!

Order the DVD+Board now for just $64.95



NOTE: Your Balance Board will arrive in a separate package.

*Balance Board available U.S. only.

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Shipping Internationally costs approx. $30-$90 additional)


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WARNING: The information on these videos is extremely dangerous and is not intended for sport, play or competition but for the sole purpose of protecting yourself in an unprovoked attack on your life.


Combat Balance Board Training Video is approx. 62 minutes on 1 disc; regularly $64.95 plus shipping and handling (On Demand video obviously has no shipping charges). NTSC video format. (New York State residents must pay additional sales tax). Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. (On Demand version available for viewing immediately after purchase!).


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