Balance is USELESS unless it's DYNAMIC...

...So How Do I Get It?

In order to develop balance for combat you have to constantly challenge your body's equilibrium in a varied and free-form manner. "Static" balance just won't cut it when the spit hits the fan. Nothing does this better than a Guided Chaos Balance Board. Combined with unique Guided Chaos drills that build the 5 Principles of Balance, Body Unity, Looseness, Sensitivity and Freedom of Action, your Combat Balance Board Video will explode your ability to be both Unavailable and Unavoidable™ in an unprovoked attack on your life or your loved ones'.


"It was incredible how soon I felt results from the exercises..."

"I thought I had perfect balance with no room for improvement until I started the Combat Balance Board exercises. The Guided Chaos Balance Board proved me wrong and I am glad it did. It was incredible how soon I felt results from the exercises. Now I even include standing on the balance board for firearms training. Thank you Guided Chaos for another excellent product."

Roderick Van-Zeller, Protection Professional

The Key to Extreme Hitting Power is BALANCE.

  • Not bashing makiwara boards (encourages arthritis)
  • Not doing knuckle pushups (does nothing for speed and timing)
  • Not pounding iron palm bags (also encourages arthritis and does nothing for speed, timing or fact you'd be far better off with a Guided Chaos Slambag)

 “Punchers Are Made, Not Born”

-Jack Dempsey


The late great boxer Jack Dempsey was known to possess legendary knock-out power. He also understood that great punchers are “made” and that the key is balance. 


Guided Chaos trains you with exercises to amplify your Balance, Body Unity and Sensitivity in order to make your strikes unavoidable while simultaneously adapting your body so it becomes unavailable to their strikes, moment-by-moment.


This is why the ability to Improvise and Adapt through the development of your balance is critical.


Augmenting your balance so you become a more lethal and effective fighter doesn't take years of "traditional" stance training so you develop the so-called "root of an oak tree" -- it requires the development of Dynamic Balance or "balance in motion" -- and Guided Chaos has the easy, fast and fun solution that doesn't take 20 years to develop. In fact, you'll begin seeing results almost immediately.





With the Guided Chaos COMBAT BALANCE BOARD and VIDEO (DVD or On Demand Download), you get an entire series of drills completely different and more intensive than those on our previous DVDs.


The GUIDED CHAOS COMBAT BALANCE BOARD™, designed by Grandmaster John Perkins (creator of Guided Chaos) is a hand-crafted training device designed for serious balance training and martial development. It is made of sturdy materials and stamped with the Official Guided Chaos Logo and signed by the Grandmaster himself.

  • The Combat Balance Board Training Video shows you how to supercharge your dynamic balance (as opposed to static or choreographed balance).
  • This video is specifically tailored to enhance hitting and crushing power under stress by challenging your balance and increasing GC Dropping Energy.
  • In addition, the COMBAT BALANCE BOARD develops coordination by teaching you how to remain free in your movement to neutralize an attacker’s power.

"Your system of using the Dropping Energy on striking has tripled the power of my strikes...what a difference, it is hard to believe, even as I am doing it, how well your system works."

 Roderick, Close Quarters Combat Instructor & Risk Assessment Consultant, Los Angeles

Now, You Can:


1. Get the Video
2. Get the Board


​► NOTE: Your Balance Board will arrive in a separate package.

This 20" long Balance Board is easy to pack and carry so it's always available for use at home, at work or on vacation. 

► Our GC Balance Board provides 2 levels of difficulty: Moderate and Advanced.

Flip it over and your balance challenge increases!

Comes with the Guided Chaos logo branded into the board, PLUS each Balance Board is hand-signed by Grandmaster John Perkins!

The Combat Balance Board Training Video is the perfect stand-alone SOLO (or partner) training tool for supercharging all 5 Guided Chaos principles...or use in conjunction with the Combat Conditioning Video and Slambag to maximize any serious student's fighting arts development.


► Learn to hit with bone crushing force from any position yet remain both solidly balanced and mobile.


► Become invisible as a ghost to the attacker's strikes as you move at lightning speed to elude and simultaneously counter-attack, all while maintaining your body's equilibrium.


► Turn your body into a weapon that transcends any particular style or technique and make all your skills work for real under duress.

Guided Chaos training is different from all others.

Make the jump now...

NOTE: The Combat Balance Board is not a toy and should be used by adults or teens with adult supervision only. The board is designed to compromise your balance (in order to develop it) and as such should be used with care and a nearby immobile object (such as a tree or post) as a safeguard to stabilize you to prevent injury. You train at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for careless use of this balance tool.

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(DVD still available)
Maximize your potential with the


Order the Video+Board now for just $64.95

Hand signed by GM Perkins, these boards also come with the Combat Balance Board Training Video FREE (DVD or MATRIX download).


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NOTE: Your Balance Board will arrive in a separate package.

NOTE: For the MATRIX Streaming/Download Video, within 48 hours you will receive a Promo Code for your FREE Video. Go to the GC MATRIX Shop, select the Combat Balance Board Training Video and apply the FREE Promo Code in the shopping cart.


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WARNING: The information on these videos is extremely dangerous and is not intended for sport, play or competition but for the sole purpose of protecting yourself in an unprovoked attack on your life.


Combat Balance Board Training Video is approx. 62 minutes on 1 disc; regularly $64.95 plus shipping and handling (On Demand video obviously has no shipping charges). NTSC video format. (New York State residents must pay additional sales tax). Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. (On Demand version available for viewing immediately after purchase!).


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