The GUIDED CHAOS Teaching System


▶︎ The way you train is the way you will fight; when you train you must train as if your life or that of your loved ones are on the line because in a real situation it may be. The real confrontation is not a duel or sport. The only real litmus test that matters is whether people “win the fight” and survive to tell the tale. If you do not win the fight you do not survive, it’s really that basic. As a result, we take what we teach with the “utmost seriousness” because we know that your life may depend on it. This philosophy permeates the very core of all of our teachings.


▶︎ In every facet of what we teach we train you to move in a manner focusing on “Natural Movement” or what we call the “Guided Chaos Universal Movement Principles”. Our training methods essentially teach you to fight within the body you have to move better, to create what you need, when you need it, to adapt, improvise, overcome and “win” the fight!


▶︎ Rather than focus on a multitude of techniques we teach you the mastery of Guided Chaos’ “5 Principles of Dynamic Motion” using unique exercises and drills specifically designed to develop the necessary attributes and skills within your body. They are BALANCE, LOOSENESS, SENSITIVITY, BODY UNITY and culminating in the 5th PRINCIPLE: Total FREEDOM OF ACTION or ADAPTIVITY. No one else does this because they do not have the proper modality of training to do so.

▶︎ In a given situation despite your best efforts you may find yourself on the ground or dealing with an assailant producing a weapon. We teach Modified Native American Ground-fighting and Weapons Usage based on the reality of true violence, not sportive ground-grappling or delusional disarms that can only make things far worse. These martial myths are hard to believe when shown for what they are, yet they comprise the majority of what is being taught in the biggest schools today.


▶︎ As stated previously, as a part of our training modality we utilize a number of drills and exercises that develop your body through the principles. Covering everything from Awareness, to Hand-to-Hand and Weapons training emphasizing natural movement through hands-on exercises called “Contact Flow” and “Combat Flow”. Because of our hands-on approach our methods have been shown to promote exponential learning in both beginners and advanced students. Without contact there is no fight; Contact Flow and Combat Flow are exercises designed to train you to be able to deal with another person’s motion for the purpose of ending the fight in the most ruthlessly efficient manner possible. This safe, "anything goes" method of training allows you to learn faster and more completely by stressing constant ADAPTATION, IMPROVISATION AND NATURAL MOTION--as opposed to overly structured, contrived techniques that have nothing to do with how humans actually move under duress, and that have been proven to fail under extreme pressure.




▶︎ Lie to people about the reality of violence, nor instill irrational fear in people.


▶︎ Teach sport fighting or competitive grappling. Sport matches have rules, the street does not. The street has multiple attackers, sport matches do not. Why waste your time teaching what we know does not work?


▶︎ Teach superfluous, flowery, fancy moves. This is not a movie and your attacker won't be impressed.


▶︎ Teach people to do unrealistic things their bodies' cannot do. This is a common mistake in the vast majority of self defense programs where they teach people to do things that their body physically can't do or require near superhuman strength, speed or great size to accomplish. Guided Chaos is "The Art of the Possible" that focuses on what people can realistically do to save their lives. 


▶︎ Teach delusional "self-defense" with no correlation to reality  ...Or teach systems of locks and holds that will "immobilize" the attacker or systems that focus only on hitting the enemy's lethal targets, while ignoring your ability to be “unavailable” to the enemy's attacks on you--even if they have weapons.


▶︎ Tell you there are "secret" Pressure Points that will magically provide "one-touch knockouts" of your attackers. There are only two "pressure points" that have real stopping power against an enraged, determined enemy: the throat and the eyes. All the others have greatly limited effectiveness during the wild chaos of real violence. Police reports show that even direct kicks to the groin can be withstood by psychotic or meth-addicted monsters. The trick is getting to your targets while simultaneously protecting your own.


▶︎ Promise you you'll become invincible. Schools that make promises like that are worse than dangerous. We make no guarantees because as cops, Feds and soldiers, we know in a real confrontation the enemy gets a vote. But we teach what we have found to be the best tools to overcome an attack, win and survive.


Guided Chaos is a complete self-defense system, created in 1979 by former crime scene expert Grandmaster John C. Perkins. As a purely American style of fighting, Guided Chaos turns the entire self-defense/martial art learning paradigm upside down. You learn the most sought after and advanced martial concepts RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING that few practitioners, if ever, in some cases, learn. No mysticism, no magic, no nonsense--everything is based 100% on physics and human physiology. We have no secrets and hold nothing back.


The next step is yours, what do you want to do?