You can be the best target shooter in the world but if you can't fight HAND-TO-HAND at CLOSE RANGE you will never even GET to your gun. Worse, you could be shot with your own weapon. And if you get the microsecond to draw, traditional Isosceles or Weaver stances could get you killed.


From the military to civilians and even the police-- knife, gun and stick fighting is often taught unrealistically. Based on the brutal, bloody, forensic homicide research of former detective John Perkins plus Perkins' over 100 seriously violent arrests, this comprehensive 4 part DVD series separates film fantasy from forensic fact and dojo delusions from real combat. 

The Guided Chaos




A COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW--by Ari Kandel, 4th degree GC

I've just watched the new Guided Chaos Weapons Series DVD, "Bare Hands to Handguns".
This video is equally useful to those who legally carry a concealed handgun, and to those who don't.
Further, many of the concepts and training methods presented are critical regardless of whether handguns factor into the situation.
Salient points:
▶︎ Reactive self-defense with a concealed carry handgun is a very different dynamic from the proactive military/police tactical team scenario that much modern firearms training is based on.
▶︎ The distances and speeds at which real self-defense incidents go down dictate that the concealed carrier know how to move and fight unarmed, including Guided Chaos dropping, groundfighting and multitasking, if he hopes to be able to use his weapon to influence the outcome of the incident.
▶︎ If you go against a handgun bare-handed, you had better be prepared to thrive in chaos, because the real dynamic of such situations is very different from what is presented in most dojos and magazines.
What you get:
▶︎ Explanation by John Perkins and Al Ridenhour of the real life experiences and studies that went into the creation of Guided Chaos and the Bare Hands to Handguns program. This will help you "get your mind right."

▶︎ Progressive teaching of basic dropping, the fright reaction and close combat, and adapting these to accessing your weapon (whatever weapon you may have) reliably in the midst of chaos.
▶︎ Explanation by John Perkins of his intuitive, experiential teaching methods and their effects on the subconscious. This is very powerful information that informs the entire teaching process of Guided Chaos, which I have not seen explained elsewhere.
▶︎ Progressive drills run by students and instructors, complete with corrections by John Perkins. It is critical to note that you need to watch, listen to and mentally digest the video, not simply copy what you see demonstrated. The video shows students making mistakes and being corrected in dynamic situations. This is very useful, as it can effectively reduce mistakes in your own training, as opposed to just watching a drill being done correctly and remaining unaware of possible pitfalls.
▶︎ John Perkins' sobering explanation of stopping power and caliber considerations, based on his real world experience and forensic studies, as well as a variety of savvy tips about concealed carry.
▶︎ Dynamic demonstrations of the effectiveness of sighted vs. point shooting, and static vs. free-form shooting.
▶︎ Demonstration of the actual methods commonly used by criminals to hold up and kidnap victims, why they invalidate the disarming methods commonly taught in martial arts schools, and what you need to do to deal with them.
Note that there is no live fire on this DVD. All the demonstrations and drills are done with Airsoft guns, as the point is to teach the dynamics and necessary combative skills beyond the mechanics of shooting. John does remind us several times during the DVD to practice the unconventional shooting methods live fire against targets, and he also points out how the use of real guns would affect the students' performance of the drills.
One thing you will not get from this DVD is easy answers. That's because John is honest about the fact that neither using a handgun in close quarters nor countering one bare-handed is an easy situation to deal with. As in all real violence, chaos rules, and simplified, by-rote techniques have as little legitimacy when guns are involved as when they are not. It behooves the viewer to study the DVD, absorb and practice the tactics and drills, and continue his basic training in Guided Chaos to condition his body and mind to adapt to violent circumstances without hesitation--whether with bare hands or handguns

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WARNING: The information on these videos is extremely dangerous and is not intended for sport, play or competition but for the sole purpose of protecting yourself in an unprovoked attack on your life.


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