1. Many popularly taught knife methodologies ignore the forensic reality of violence and look like dancing.
  2. Many popularly taught knife methodologies ignore the ugly reality of what knives can actually do to your body (just go to Google images and put in "knife wounds". Now that is what you have to take into account when choosing how to train).

From the military to civilians and even the police-- knife, gun and stick fighting is often taught unrealistically. Based on the brutal, bloody, forensic homicide research of former detective John Perkins plus Perkins' over 100 seriously violent arrests, this comprehensive 4 part DVD series separates film fantasy from forensic fact and dojo delusions from real combat. 

The Guided Chaos




A COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW--by Ari Kandel, 4th degree GC

I've just watched the new Guided Chaos Weapons Series DVD, "Cane vs. Knife".
This video is very special in that it teaches a LOT more than simply how to use a cane to defend against an attacker with a knife, yet paradoxically, the concepts and movements that it does teach are very few and fairly simple and basic. This makes the DVD and the cane VERY powerful training aids.
The video begins with explanation and demonstrations of the advantages of the cane as a weapon (always legal, always in your hand, stand-off range, stopping power, etc.), and its advantages over other stick-type weapons. John Perkins also dispels some myths regarding how best to use the cane as a weapon. For a variety of demonstrably critical reasons, John dismisses methods that utilize long swings, twirling, and hooking maneuvers with the crook of a crook-top cane. John doesn't even bother to address such nonsense as using the cane as a lever for joint locking and similarly complicated maneuvers, which are nearly impossible to purposefully pull off under real violent conditions.
What we're left with is very simple yet very powerful, adaptable and effective: short, sharp thrusts and hits at all angles, backed up by the footwork and body mechanics necessary to make those movements effective in any situation and environment.

The training methods John presents are ingeniously simple yet very powerful. They typify the biofeedback principles inherent in most of the Guided Chaos training drills. While the first drill shown teaches the proper body mechanics required for achieving powerful short hits with the cane at any angle, it is also an excellent exercise for improving your balance, body unity, dropping power and footwork for hitting with or without weapons. The drills that follow simply up the ante, presenting greater challenges to force the body to adapt and abide by the principles in any situation.
The video goes on to address applying the cane to situations involving groundfighting, multiple attackers and confined spaces and/or environmental obstacles. All of the lessons involving the cane are also useful for combat without a weapon.
Throughout the video, you get to see students of various skill levels go through the drills and receive correction from John. This is very useful, as it can effectively reduce mistakes in your own training, as opposed to just watching a drill being done correctly and remaining unaware of possible pitfalls.
It's important to note that the methods shown on this video are only the most basic, beginning elements of Guided Chaos cane fighting. It is analogous to John Perkins' basic unarmed Close Combat training compared to the full unarmed Guided Chaos system. Basic and simple, yet extremely effective on its own with only a bit of committed training. A perfect base to build further skills on.
The cane is unique in being the most decisively effective weapon that is universally legal to carry everywhere--provided you know how to use it. This DVD will teach you how to use it very well, and will also help improve your understanding and execution of all combative movement.

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WARNING: The information on these videos is extremely dangerous and is not intended for sport, play or competition but for the sole purpose of protecting yourself in an unprovoked attack on your life.


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