An entire series of drills completely different and more intensive than those on our Attackproof Companion Part 1 DVD.


These exercises maximize development of Dropping, hitting and crushing power, while also developing timing which is critical to effective Dropping.


Also shows how to supercharge your dynamic balance (as opposed to static or choreographed balance) while using a Slambag and Wobble Board.


Demonstrated by Grandmaster Perkins, the DVD also shows actual application of Slambag drills to fight scenarios. A short but essential video of GC concepts in use. 

  • "Your system of using the Dropping Energy on striking has tripled the power of my strikes...what a difference, it is hard to believe, even as I am doing it, how well your system works."

    Roderick, Close Quarters Combat Instructor & Risk Assessment Consultant, Los Angeles


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WARNING: The information on these videos is extremely dangerous and is not intended for sport, play or competition but for the SOLE purpose of protecting yourself in an unprovoked attack on your life.


Approx. 20 minutes on 1 disc, $14.95 plus shipping and handling. NTSC video format. (New York State residents must pay additional sales tax). Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.


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