If all REAL violence is chaos (as Perkins' experience and research had proven), then WHY was all the formalized training available to cops, soldiers and civilians based on CONTRIVED unrealistic techniques? What's more, HOW could these choreographed responses ever hope to adapt to wild attacks from a stronger attacker?

    "The dragons of the mind are more powerful than the dragons of myth."


    --John Perkins


    “Dragons of the Mind”, though metaphorically mentioned here, are very real. How you perceive something in your mind is how you will respond to it, react to it, act upon it. Perkins’ experience taught him that there is real evil in the world and real dangers. However, Perkins found that the greatest danger didn’t just exist in the external world but in the minds of many people who thought themselves to be fighters through the systems they studied or taught.


    It’s one thing to not know something and to know you don’t know anything but it is worse to believe you know something when you really don’t. Such false confidence has literally been the death of many martial artists. As once stated, often the greatest delusions are self-delusions.



    In 1979, Perkins finally broke away from all classical systems (and thinking) and created a new system he originally called Ki Chuan Do ("The Way of the Spirit Fist") and the principles of Guided Chaos. [In 1998 he renamed the art itself Guided Chaos.]


    By abandoning training of any kind based on rigid unrealistic techniques in favor of methods that promote natural movement, spontaneity, creativity and adaptability, Perkins generated a tremendous amount of controversy among many martial artists especially amongst strict classicists but a lot of interest from security and law enforcement professionals.



    Perkins understood early on that the way you train is the way you will fight; when you train you must train as if your life or those of your loved ones are on the line because in a real situation it may be. Function trumps form!


    A real confrontation is not a duel or sport and the only real litmus test that matters is whether people “win the fight” and survive. If you do not win the fight you do not survive, it’s really that basic. This philosophy permeates the very core of Guided Chaos.


    Every facet of Guided Chaos focuses on “Natural Movement” or what we call the “5 Guided Chaos Universal Movement Principles”. They are: Balance, Body Unity, Looseness and Sensitivity--culminating in the 5th Principle, Adaptivity which yields Total Freedom of Action and Creativity. Perkins’ training methods essentially teach you to fight within the body you have to move better, to create what you need, when you need it, to adapt, improvise, overcome and “win” the fight!


    Rather than focus on a multitude of techniques his system trains you in the Guided Chaos Universal Movement Principles using unique exercises and drills specifically designed to develop the necessary attributes and skills within your body. No one else does this because they do not have the proper modality of training to do so.

    As part of the training modality the system utilizes a number of drills and exercises that develop your body through the principles. These cover everything from Awareness, to Hand-to-Hand and Weapons training emphasizing natural movement through hands-on exercises called “Contact Flow” and “Combat Flow”. Because of this hands-on approach, Perkins’ methods have been shown to promote exponential learning in both beginners and advanced students. Without contact there is no fight; Contact Flow and Combat Flow are exercises designed to bridge this critical gap found in 90% of fighting systems. Training this way will enable you to deal with another person’s motion in real time for the purpose of ending the fight in the most ruthlessly efficient manner possible.


    Little Known Fact:


    Just to set the record straight (because we get asked this a lot): Our original name for our book was "IN THE EYE OF THE STORM," which is a truer reflection of how we perceive violence, but it was rejected by our publisher, who came up with the more provocative name "ATTACK PROOF" for marketing purposes.



    Perkins began experimenting with free associative fighting principles in in the late 1960’s, combining Native American and WWII Close Combat systems. In the early 1970’s he began to create the rudiments of what would eventually become the new art Ki Chuan Do, “the Way of the Spirit Fist”, emphasizing the concept of natural movement based on principles of physics and human physiology, rather than form and overly complex techniques.


    In 1987 Perkins (in conjunction with Bob Alexander, 4th Degree Guided Chaos) designed his emblem, symbolizing the melding of the best of eastern and western fighting arts. The two outer rings represent the eternal circle of life and the principle of return. The jagged square is Native American, symbolizing lightning, mountains and the pinnacle of achievement. The four pairs of rectangles represent the four directions and the four elements, earth, air, fire, and water. The Yin Yang symbol in the center, which embodies the inter-relationship of all opposing forces in the universe, ties all the symbols together.



    Guided Chaos is "Made in the U.S.A.",  born out of fire and combat on the streets of Yonkers, New York--and not in Asia. In 1998 the name was officially changed to finally reflect this (although one might still hear it referred to in some of our older DVD’s as "Keech"--short for Ki Chuan Do).


    Perkins created Guided Chaos as its own distinct art completely different from all other arts (just ask some of our students who are instructors themselves in systems ranging from Isshin-ryu, Russian Systema, Jujitsu to Tai Chi--all of whom will confirm for you Guided Chaos' uniqueness).


    It is a one-of-a-kind, reality-based martial art and a complete system of self-defense representing probably the first major leap forward in martial development in the last 500 years, and transcendent and effective it shall remain.

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