1. Left to right: Uncle Bob Perkins, Father Coy Perkins, Uncle Daniel Perkins about 1960 in Yonkers

2. Left to right: Cousin Jimmy Perkins, Cousin Peter, Uncle Bob, Me, Cousin Robert

3. Grandmaster Tim Carron, Guided Chaos Creator John Perkins

4. 50 years in the martial arts...

5. John's new eBike, allowing him to ascend to Lake Awosting for the first time in over 20 years...

6. Bob, Tim, Sal, John

7. "Benching 375...Later 400 after some weight gain..."

8. Mike Mc Dermot and me...on the trail from Minnewaska to Gertrude's Nose..

9. Sword training at Peekamoose Falls...We all had fun there...1992...My version of waterfall

10. Thinking about my friend Tim...Born on New Year's Day.

11. Filming of original Attack Proof VHS 1994

12. Sun meditation. 1985--Sam's Point in the Gunks, NY

13. 1991, 40 years old.

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