Public Seminars


Currently we have schools in New York, Florida, Idaho, Georgia, Kansas, Pennsylvania, California, Brazil and the UK. If you'd like to host or help organize a seminar in your area you can start by contacting other local enthusiasts on our Training Groups page. To view the Training Groups page you first have to register.


If you can get a verbal assurance from 15 or so individuals then we would make an official announcement and set up an order form in our shopping cart with a discount for people who pre-ordered by a particular date.


As the organizer, if you can book a suitable location,  (and if the seminar takes place) you'd get a 5% share of the profits (after airfare and lodging costs are met) as well as free admission and private training (as time allows--usually 1-2 hours).


We typically charge $150/person/6-8 hour day for Public seminars, with discounts for early ordering and additional discounts for law enforcement and military (active or retired) with ID (scan and email us ID; after approval, pay regular price and you will be refunded $25/day within 48 hours. Email to: mattkovskyATguidedchaoscombativesDOTcom [replace "AT" and "DOT" with "@" and "."; We do this to reduce spam]).

We also offer intensive basic 2 hour, no-nonsense self-defense seminars locally in the NY/Hudson Valley area (Westchester/Rockland/NYC and at our Elmsford NY headquarters) as well as 2 hour seminars on a variety of other self-defense skills within the Guided Chaos system. 2 hour seminars are $60/person.


Suitable locations would be dojos, gyms, or hotel conference rooms. Obviously a dojo would have more equipment we could utilize (mats, pads, etc.).

Private/Corporate Seminars


"I cannot think of a more efficient and effective tool for us to become better prepared...than that which we received over these past two days."

--Brian B., Ogden UT

For closed groups (where we do not advertise to the public) we offer the following options:

1. NY Local Private Seminars (1 or more days; 6-8 hours/day; no airfare/hotel involved) $150 per person per day, minimum 6 people. Venue may be your location or at our GC headquarters in Elmsford.

2. Away Seminars (2 or more days only; involving airfare/hotel) $150 per person per day, minimum 10 people.

Note: For both options above, the host is responsible for providing and/or paying for the seminar facility.


We usually begin with basic self defense Awareness, Avoidance, mindset and Combatives so people can train on their own and put it to use (if they had to) as soon as they walk out the door. We would then (depending on length and number of days of seminar) do an intensive deeper dive into GC. If the group has specific interests (weapons, groundfighting, advanced sensitivity--good for tai chi enthusiasts, etc.) we can tailor the seminar as necessary.

"I am extremely impressed with your concepts! Since learning about your Guided Chaos theory of fighting in Black Belt Magazine's reality fighting issue, I have recommended them to just about anyone I've talked to about self-defense!

I'm very enthusiastic about your methodology because I've proven to myself it works...The difference was astounding!

Despite my previous experience in various martial arts, I always had a sense of uneasiness about whether the techniques would work in a flowing manner when it really mattered. After studying your material, I realized that pattern recognition and poor balance had been holding me back. From November until I moved to Virginia in July, I diligently incorporated your drills into my classes' training. Not only did my own fighting skills and confidence increase dramatically, but so did those of students with much less experience. We found that students who had never studied a fighting system before could defend themselves against unarmed and armed attackers at a basic, but very effective level within three months. What was particularly impressive was that they were able to handle unexpected scenarios and multiple attackers. Most importantly, your concepts of awareness cause them to think outside the box of traditional dojo/gym type training..."

--Lieutenant Colonel Wil Urquhart, United States Air Force, Black Belt Combat Hapkido

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