What Works, What Doesn't in Self-defense*
*Especially for Women


▶︎ MYTH:


"Eye jabs and groin kicks don't do anything...and won't stop me!"


(And watch at 4:29 and 7:55 to see if ground kicking works...imagine if he had steel-toed boots on!)

The UFC has RULES to protect the lives and careers of its competitors. Self-defense doesn't. To those of you who think you can withstand an eye gouge, groin crush, etc: most of these were accidents--and they STILL incapacitated their victims, even though these were professional athletes and the fights were STOPPED by officials. Imagine if illegal moves were done NON-STOP with FULL INTENSITY and RUTHLESS INTENT. That's just ONE of the differences between Sport fighting and real self-defense. UFC Rules 1-18 define illegal moves--that we train all the time...AND THEIR COUNTERS.



"Yeah but eye jabs can't stop ME!"

Check out a one jab knockout: ▶︎

We train how to deliver eye jabs from every angle...and also how to STOP THEM.​



1. Gun Defense #1 vs. Execution Style Murder:

2. Defense Against Wrist Grab #1:

 3. Defense Against Wrist Grab #2:

4. Defense Against Front Choke:

5. Locking Defense Against Knife Attack #1:

6. Grappling Defense Against Knife Attack:

7. Ground Escape Defense #1:

8. Defense Against Knockout Game:

9. Defense Against Knife Attack #2:

  • 10. "On the battlefield or on the street, grappling is the best method of defending yourself."

  • 11. "Assaults happen the way we practice in the dojo."

    All violence is unchoreographed chaos and no two attacks are the same. Read: Ugly Truths About Self Defense

  • 12. "A woman can defeat a rapist with arm locks, flips, submission holds or flying side kicks."

    See above videos.

  • 13. "Defending your perceived honor is your top priority."

    Fighting to defend your "perceived honor" from verbal assault may seem like a good idea and the macho thing to do. But unless you are fighting to defend your life or a loved one's from imminent danger it’s a foolish risk to take on many levels. The reality is a real fight is not a duel and is a fight for your life the question is, are you willing to risk everything just to prove some point? You need to choose well.

  • 14. "Pepper spray will stop an attacker in their tracks."

    As a police officer in a former life, Grandmaster John Perkins can tell you from experience and scores of reports where certain criminals seem virtually immune to the effects of pepper spray and kept on fighting.

  • 15. "I'm safe because I carry a handgun."

    A gun is not a “magic wand” and is useless if you need it and it’s not already in your hand. You can train for years firing at static targets, get high scores, and still not be ready to defend yourself with a handgun. Over 95 percent of gunfights on the street occur within 15 feet, of which 90% of those occur within 9 feet. Forget the 21’ft Teller Rule. Most people, when put to the test even in a training environment, can't even get their guns out in time to defend against a person rushing them from across a large room. Without having practical hand-to-hand skills, you probably won’t have time to get to your weapon if you have to fend off an attacker first.

  • 16. "I can hit people without touching them using the EMPTY FORCE":

    Okay, this is bullshit! This is a myth fostered by movies, television and unscrupulous martial arts instructors and has no basis in reality on any level. Grandmaster Perkins actually had a friends attend a school in China in the '70s that claimed to teach and demonstrate the "Empty Force." Massive fail ensued.


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