Despite your best efforts, you are beaten or thrown to the ground. Or you fall... Do you know how to SURVIVE on the ground?


Are you sure?


There is a world of difference between competitive submission fighting and real life and death combat where the only rule is chaos. Don't bet your life on a sport! 


This 2-disc DVD contains almost two and a half hours of combat reality and how to ADAPT your defense to CHANGING attacks. 


Topics include:

  • Ground Fighting Reality: What Really Happens
  • Ground Avoidance Using Close Combat
  • Ground Fighting vs. Multiple Attackers
  • Ground Kicking Drills for explosive weapon development
  • Rolling Drills for avoidance and attack and drills for Developing Core Strength
  • Grappling Myths vs. Knives and how they can get you killed

▶︎ Taught by former forensic crime scene expert John Perkins


Perkins has trained in Native American "Anything Goes" fighting principles since the age of 5. Over a period of 20 years he combined it with experience gained from over 100 extremely violent arrests (where people routinely ended up in the hospital or morgue), unsanctioned pit-fighting, World War II Close Quarters Combat and his own original and evolving system of complete combat adaptation, improvisation and natural human movement. Unlike the "fight-by-the-numbers" self-defense methods popular today, the Ground Fighting component of GC is probably unlike anything you've ever seen before.

  • "The Groundfighting DVDs are out of this world...hard to put into words how good they are."


     Bob Miller, Corrections Officer, Oregon

Be the martial artist you are truly capable of becoming...and stun everyone, including yourself, at how different, effective and effortless your movement will be by training through the Guided Chaos GROUND FIGHTING DVD!


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WARNING: The information on these videos is extremely dangerous and is not intended for sport, play or competition but for the sole purpose of protecting yourself in an unprovoked attack on your life.


Approx. 2 1/2 hours total on 2 discs, $39.95 plus shipping and handling. NTSC video format. (New York State residents must pay additional sales tax). Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.


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