[Companion to our Best-selling book "Attack Proof"]

The Guided Chaos® Companion Series is an in-depth training compilation for becoming a "Master of Martial Movement!"


With or without our best-selling book, the ATTACKPROOF COMPANION DVD SERIES is the essential stand-alone DVD guide to the art of GUIDED CHAOS.


“IN THE EYE OF THE STORM” (PART 3 in the Companion Series) brings it all together, focusing on advanced concepts of the art of Guided Chaos and integrates everything in Parts 1 and 2. Seven years in the making; a lifetime's worth of knowledge. 


PART 1 provided the basic weaponry and foundation of Guided Chaos  (enhanced with basic level-one Guided Chaos principles).




PART 3 is a virtual, super-concentrated 6 hour private lesson on Guided Chaos' unique free-form partner training drill "Contact Flow" (almost 3 times as long as Parts 1 and 2).

In PART 3, East meets West and the result is a non-mystical, hard-core training system that produces a no-mind "Mushin" state allowing spontaneous reactions in life-threatening situations. 

"In the real world, attacks are not choreographed. They happen when least expected, and under the worst circumstances. They are anarchic and spontaneous by nature and require a different mind-set and method of training."

▶︎ Grandmaster John Perkins

 • For internal arts practitioners, a no-nonsense, physics-based approach that delivers on all the promises made for using "soft/hard" internal principles in actual combat.

 • For the non-Olympians among us, a way to maximize your body's mechanics against stronger attackers using only muscle power.

 • For the already physically gifted, a method for going beyond what was previously possible.


Rather than showing rigid techniques on the order of "this is what you do against this, and this is what you do against that" you will learn how to develop your own ability to change, create and modify your defense moment-by-moment to deal with violence the way it is--not the way we would like it to be.

  • "Your DVD series is probably the best training that any person can hope for..."

    " is also better than many of the instructors you get out there, because of the nonsense that so many of them teach. Thank you for the gift you have given to humanity. Your book 'Attackproof' and the 'Attackproof Companion Series' stand unparalleled in the annals of self-defence and security training."

    Charl (Morpheus) Viljoen,

    Regional Director-The Guardian Angels,

    Capetown, South Africa--"The Most Violent City In the World"

  • "Quite simply, this is the best self defence/martial art/internal-external arts training experience I have ever had​..."

    "[In The Eye Of The Storm] just blew my mind...I went with my gut and Part 3 rewards you with the keys to the kingdom. Quite simply, this is the best self defence / martial art / internal-external arts training experience I have ever had and for the record I have done classical martial arts, fought in MMA full contact fights and done a bit of close combat as well prior.


    Part 3 is so good that you will actually ask yourself what the hell you have been doing all these years.


    The insights, distinctions, comparisons, examples offered are done in such a way that you can't help but experience a total paradigm shift within minutes of watching- it then just gets better and better.


    This art is an almighty TRUTH BOMB to the self defense/martial art world and I was happy to be blown away!"

    Alistair Horscroft, former amateur MMA full contact fighter



Intro to Contact Flow: The 5 Main Principles of Guided Chaos
Fixed "Animal" Forms vs. Free Human Motion
Taking Balance
Balance, Kicking, & Over-commitment
Body Unity
How To Ruin Your Sensitivity: Lazy Man's "Keech"
Applying the Principles While Changing Range
Always Move Behind a Guard/Always Bring a Weapon On-Line
Always Form Weapons
The Spike In the Sponge
Shadowing & Molding
The Closer You Get, The Looser You Get
Sliding & Skimming Energy

When Blocking Is a Waste: The 3 Part Insurance Policy
Folding Energy
Weaseling Energy
Tool Replacement
One-ness Hitting
Blocking Is a Waste of Time: Make Them Miss
Why We Flow Slow
Loading the Spring
Grabbing & Over-commitment
Suspend & Release
Pulsing: Directing & Exploiting Responses
Leg Pulsing
Vibrating Energy
Multi-hitting As a Function of Sensitivity & Balance
Applying the Sphere of Influence Against Larger Attackers
Using Box-stepping, Long-stepping & Drop-kicking
Close Combat to KCD: Taking Space On Larger Opponents

Training Lethal Blows with Dropping Power
Using Soft & Hard Energy While Avoiding Double-weightedness
99% Yin, 1% Yang
Ride the Lightning
Useful Visualizations to Aid Sensitivity
Multiple Attackers
How Do You Begin Contact Flow? With Chaos
Studies In Contrast: Boxing/Grappling vs. KCD
Some Contact Flow Analyses
Specific Contact Flow Variations
"Super-slow" Flow
Fixed-step Flow
Balance Flows
"Stalker" Flow
The "Melee" Flow
"Set Up Attack" Flows
Timed/High Speed
Leg Flows
Striking Intervals
Hyper-sensitivity Flows
The Pinnacle: Master's Flow with Commentary

Be the martial artist you are truly capable of becoming...and stun everyone, including yourself, at how different, effective and effortless your movement will be by training through the Guided Chaos Companion Series!


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WARNING: The information on these videos is extremely dangerous and is not intended for sport, play or competition but for the sole purpose of protecting yourself in an unprovoked attack on your life.


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