"The First Guided Chaos International Seminar in Brazil Exceeded Our Expectations!"

Senior Master Al Ridenhour showed how to refine our natural movements and apply balance, looseness, sensitivity and body unity in self-defense and day-to-day.

There were three courses aimed at men and women of various professions taught with a fast learning didactic and in a safe, dynamic and challenging way.

Who also wants to learn to be able to fight and protect yourselves with the body you have? And with the advantages of improving your performance in any sports, studies and work?

I'm registering here my thanks and from all the other Guided Chaos practitioners in Brazil to Grand Master John Perkins and his direct student and master instructor, Lieutenant Colonel Al Ridenhour for these ten days of intensive training in this new martial art!

Mastery is now within everyone's reach!

"Thank you very much for your initiative to enable us to practice and learn from Al Ridenhour. It was very inspiring and revealing to participate in this seminar. It was so directly confirmed how subtle, profound and refined this art is. How difficult it is to convey, through a method, this simple and infinite, free and precise, and not by chance, chaotic, and guided approach.


This transmission was perhaps what most attracted my attention: the dedication, humility and energy expended by the instructor in the three hours of the three days that I participated.

I take from this brief and intense experience the 5 Principles presented and clearly incorporated into the instructor, the inspiration to continue exploring this infinite art in my individual training and under your guidance and the underlying human transmission manifested by those who lived three wars and shared with us their life experience so authentically.

I would also like to thank the hard work of the live interpreter!
Finally, thank you for the opportunity to have learned from you during these last years, otherwise you would not have assimilated such refined teachings in the same way."


Felipe Amorim​

Yoga Instructor and Ayurvedic Therapist, Guided Chaos practitioner since 2014.

Felipe is a talented Yoga practitioner and has been training with me for five years. His words are sincere and his feedback very helpful for us.​
​Luciano Imoto

"Because of the opportunity I had to go to GC headquarters in New York in 2018, I already had a good idea of ​​what to expect from this seminar, but it was a great surprise to have my expectations surpassed! The seminar was much more instructive than I thought it would be, including Ridenhour's emphasis on natural movements, that is, without doubt, to be natural. Therefore, Guided Chaos is confirmed, in my view, as a re-education in the way I interact with the world around me with cognitive reflexes (both mental and emotional) becoming well calibrated."


➤ Marcelo Marques

Security professional, weapons and shooting instructor, founder of Cane Corso company, a practitioner of Guided Chaos since 2014

"In a practical and natural way, Master Al Ridenhour transmitted much knowledge and much training during the seminar. Demystifying the image of the defenseless woman, he leveraged us to a new look and attitudes that make us the authors of our own protection. This experience was made possible only by the Academia Imoto efforts! Excellent teacher, excellent seminar!"


Iara Melato

Yoga teacher and therapist, Guided Chaos practitioner since 2018

"The International Seminar greatly expanded our knowledge of the body's natural self-defense movements. Senior Master Al Ridenhour has explained and demonstrated as much as possible the principles guiding the Guided Chaos. The teaching by Senior Master Al Ridenhour made me believe even more that I can defend myself from an aggressor (even with my physical limitations) through bodily movements based on balance, looseness, body unity and sensitivity. I also thank Professor Imoto for his excellent seminar organization and, above all, for his dedication to teaching Guided Chaos! To Grand Master John Perkins, thank you for developing the Guided Chaos within a context of personal defense tailored to each person."


Antonio Ramos

Public server and practitioner of Guided Chaos since 2017

"This seminar was of great value to me! I'm impressed by Al's sensitivity in training women. He realized the limitations of each one of us, giving us tools to become free of our internal blockages.This was my biggest gain as a person to meet him and realize that we can achieve this degree of evolution in the art, of moving between extremes with incredible subtlety!"


Marlenia Pezini

Entrepreneur and practitioner of Guided Chaos since 2014

"Participating in this seminar with Master Al was an incredible qualitative gain. For us practitioners, it was a great evolution and for the beginners a great incentive to know a unique art that demonstrates in a realistic way the meaning of self-defense."

Luiz Carlos de Oliveira

Civil servant and practitioner of Guided Chaos since 2014

"Guided Chaos is undoubtedly a wonderful method of self-defense! I loved having participated in the Guided Chaos Seminar taught by Senior Master Al Ridenhour. It was a great opportunity to intensively train exercises that had already been presented to me by Prof. Luciano Imoto. I am grateful, immensely, for all the efforts and dedication to teach, from Senior Master Al and Prof. Luciano, two instructors with great knowledge, wisdom and extraordinary teaching.


Nize Garcia

Retired dentist and practitioner of Guided Chaos since 2016

"It was excellent!!"

Lazaro Salvadore Pagano

Medical professional and practitioner of Guided Chaos since 2014



I would like to thanks Bruno Scapinelli (on Facebook with the nickname John Yourname) for his excellent simultaneous interpreting of Al Ridenhour's words, teachings and instructions at this last seminar. There have been over 30 intensive hours of training and Bruno's talent, both as a translator and a practitioner of Guided Chaos since 2014, has helped all of us participants.

The excellent teaching of Senior Master Al Ridenhour was made even better thanks to you my dear student and my first English teacher.


P.S. Bruno plans to travel to train in New York in 2020


Luciano Imoto


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