Guided Chaos is the most unique fighting system ever devised because the training focuses on developing your combative skills through “Universal Movement”

Rather than training in overly complex techniques, that frankly just don’t work under the stress of a real confrontation, we teach people to fight through  "Dynamic Principles”, that emphasize natural body movement and which apply to all human beings so that you learn to move and fight better within the body you have.

Founded by a former Law Enforcement Officer and taught by Master Instructors, you will not only learn life-saving skills but feel a change in both body and mind, to become "better" and “conquer fear”. 

A real fight is utter chaos where anything goes. The question is, why would you want to limit your ability to move freely and better than your adversary if confronted? The only question now is: What do you want to do?


“Guided Chaos - The Art of the Possible”