Guided Chaos is the most unique fighting system ever devised because the training focuses on developing your combative skills through “Universal Movement”

Rather than training in overly complex techniques that don’t work under the stress of real confrontations, we teach people to fight using "Dynamic Principles” that emphasize natural body movement and are applicable to all human beings so that you learn to move and fight better within the body you already have.

Created by a former Law Enforcement Officer and taught by Master Instructors, Guided Chaos will not only teach you life-saving skills but generate a change in both body and mind so you learn faster while simultaneously conquering fear. 

A real fight is utter chaos where anything goes. The question is, why would you want to limit your ability to move freely and better than your adversary?


The only question now is: What do you want to do?


“Guided Chaos - The Art of the Possible”


Guided Chaos Grandmaster and founder John Perkins (right) performing the free-form Guided Chaos energy drill "Contact Flow" with Grandmaster and Vietnam War veteran Tim Carron.

Grandmaster and Guided Chaos Founder


Throughout John Perkins’ career he has undertaken periodic bodyguard / VIP protection projects. This has brought him across the globe into some very precarious positions. Malcolm Forbes, Werner Erhardt, and former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan are just a few of the prominent people he has protected.


• Perkins has trained members and instructors of elite units of the NYPD, New York State Police, members and instructors of Tactical Police units in Westchester County and the City of Yonkers and New York City Transit Police.


• Trained Members and Instructors for various U.S. military elite units such as the USMC Scout Sniper Unit, Military Joint Task Force / Counter Drug Forces, U.S. Air Marshals, Air Force Special Operations and Army Special Operations.


• Trained bodyguards who have protected a vast array of public and corporate figures including Pope John Paul II.


• Conducted self-defense training seminars for the Bayer, BMG, Pepsico and RCA corporations.


• Holds the rank of Grand Master in Combat Martial Arts under the International Combat Martial Arts Federation along with John McSweeny, Jeff Jarrett, Master Visitacion, and Col. Rex Applegate.


• Author of the best selling self-defense book Attack Proof: The Ultimate Guide to Personal Protection